Opencart Website Services And Maintenance

This is website maintenance Work and errors Fix Service which will be performed the following actions with these terms and conditions

  1. Fix errors or suggestions to improve website performance
  2. Product uploads if required and add images
  3. Perform on page SEO optimizations
  4. No New development will be considered
  5. We will continue to provide monthly salary basis services
  6. We will suggest for the betterment of the site.
  7. Buyer needs to purchase if they need any extra functionality or SSL on his site, we can only suggest improving on it
  8. Buyer needs to agree to monthly salary basis payment set up by PayPal even if there are no new tasks on websites
  9. As these are services and monthly salary basis which are non-refundable, at any point we discuss the betterment of the site
  10. All new ideas we will be welcome, but we will not purchase anything or new development will be performed during this period

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