Free Opencart Themes 2016 And Premium Responsive Opencart Templates

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free opencart themes 2016

Free Opencart Themes 2016

Many websites offers free opencart themes 2016 to download for free. But we would recommend to download from the official website to avoid any kind of spam or malicious codes in free opencart themes 2016.

Here are some free opencart themes to download for the trial version.

Free Opencart Themes 2016 Free Download Now

free opencart themes 2016


Free Opencart Themes 2016 Free Download Now

free opencart themes 2016


Free Opencart Theme 2016 Free Download Now

free opencart themes 2016


Free Opencart Theme 2016 Free Download Now

free opencart themes 2016



Opencart Templates

A perfect platform for all the people out there with an e-commerce startup idea, Opencart is a boon for small and medium e-commerce businesses. It works as an online resource for proper interaction between the customers and sellers. It can be easily downloaded and installed. Once the installation is complete, you have to just get started. It offers a variety of templates, modern themes and customizable options to add products. The best part of the deal is that it is entirely free of cost and very effortless to use.


The Opencart software helps in building online stores and run e-commerce businesses. It is open source software and offers free updates. It comes with a lifetime free support and updates. It has multi-language and unlimited categories, templates, and products. The software comes with inbuilt powerful tools to create a potential online store.


With quick and modern templates, the opencart software offers a wholly approachable design. For a perfect and simple online store to operate, opencart is just the perfect software to use. Thousands of pre-made templates and the option to create customizable templates is the best setting for your store. The store will look effortlessly ideal no matter what device it is being opened in

Compatible browsers

Opencart made stores are compatible with all the browsers be it safari, opera, Firefox or IE9+. The site can be operated easily from mobile browsers as well. The setup will remain undisturbed by the device it is being viewed in. It supports all the extension files including jpeg, HTML, CSS, and PHP

Social Media Widget

Social media is the hub for everything. Messaging and content sharing on the social media is the keystone for any online business. Opencart offers an extension called the social media widget to help you grow your store’s presence in all the social media. Taking your business’ popularity to a whole new level, Opencart offers you a many social media extensions to choose from.

Blog Management

Opencart offers a feature called blog manager which can be used to manage articles, blogs, and journals. Unlimited articles under a vast number of categories can be uploaded. Author management is done under 3 heads: Author, Editor, and Admin. It presents templates with multi-columns for certain categories. There are six different modules:

  1. Category module
  2. Recent articles
  3. Popular articles
  4. Latest comments
  5. Tags module
  6. Archive articles



A newsletter can be highly beneficial for a new website to advertise its products and broaden its reach. Opencart helps you set up a brilliant newsletter in a few easy steps. It aids in spreading the latest news and trends about your store to the subscribed customers.

Camera slider

Opencart comes with an extension of camera slider which presents an exceptional interface for the customers as well as the sellers. It is a lightweight extension and highly configurable. It comes with a 24×7 customer support.


Opencart’s Compatible Version – 2.0.x / 2.1.x / 2.2.x/2.3.x comes in a GPL license.


Online businesses are taking over the world today. Startups are the new trend. People feel comfortable to buy products online. Therefore, a software like Opencart can prove to be a great blessing for those with ideas for an e-commerce startup.


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