Multivendor Complete Pack Developer Edition

MultiMerch Multivendor Marketplace is an OpenCart extension to transform standard stores into full blown multivendor marketplaces. MultiMerch makes it possible for visitors to create seller accounts in your store and sell their own products through a front office seller dashboard.

Public Vendor Profiles

MultiMerch allows vendors to sign up and sell products in your marketplace. All vendor stores are public and indexed by search engines – this ensures your customers will find products they're looking for and your vendors will take care of selling. Successful orders earn vendors badges and ratings so that your customers trust you and your marketplace.

Public Vendor Profiles

Vendor Dashboard

Hundreds of Beautiful Themes

Marketplace Control Panel

Marketplace Control Panel

As the marketplace owner, you have complete control over what is happening in your multi vendor store. MultiMerch Control Panel lets you monitor sales and orders, manage vendor accounts and products and configure every other aspect of your marketplace including sale commission rates, vendor groups, payments and more.

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