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Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I am Vedi Badiyan. I work for Asher Theme, We provide opencart themes at the cost of any donations. We are in need of $10,000  for poor children school and helping poor people who do not have food to eat and livings and I am approaching businesses and community leaders for help. Would it be possible for your organization to donate at least 20$ for our cause of helping poor people and poor children?


We are going to set up school and orphanage for poor people in our area where many sleep on street and hardly make both ends meet. We want to help them.

We are raising funds for a noble cause and God will definitely bless you for your contributions.

We have people who work for us, we make good design opencart themes and templates. I know people can donate if they receive any benefits from donating. That is why we make this theme for free but need some donations for raising funds to help poor people who are really in need.


 I’ve been visiting the clinic for almost a year now, and it’s something that is very near and dear to my heart.

Every time I visit the clinic, I see meet the nicest families, who seem just like mine, only they can’t afford even basic medical care for their children.  I see kids who have to be admitted because their families couldn’t afford antibiotics for a simple infection.  It’s very sad!

we can only serve about 40% of the families who need our help.  Our goal is to be able to serve every single family and child that needs medical care at the clinic.  We need to raise another $10,000 to make that dream a reality.

Would you be willing to contribute $20 to help us reach that goal?

As promised, we will send you the download link to the requested theme and set like our demo theme for you.

You can email me at I would more than happy to help you as you have considered a good donation for poor and helpless people.

Please click the donate button on the left to make a good donation and I will add you to our donation special member list. You can donate any amount you like, and never hesitate to donate least or more.